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How to use free and foraged resources for a seasonal display

October 19, 2012

This week we’re showing you how to create something stunning completely free, just by making the most of the natural resources in your local area.Jam jar seasonal floral display

Firstly, go foraging!

There aren’t many flowers around now that are suitable for picking but there is still lots of foliage and some of it is in the process of making the spectular transformation into its autumn colours. Berries, leaves and foliage create a dazzling display at this time of year so get out and about and see what you can find.

From the garden and surrounding area we picked up:

  • Cuttings from a lime green fir tree
  • Variagated laurel
  • Mint
  • Oak leaves,
  • Ivy
  • Red maple leaves.

To go with the foliage, we also sourced hypericum berries, orange berries from a shrub and some berried ivy.

We made the most of the last of the garden flowers, picking one yellow rose, two sprays of small white roses, two sprays of fuchsia, one green carnation and a few japanese anemones and some feverfew (small white daisy-type flowers).

You can use whatever you find during your foraging.


Step one:

Collect three jam jars. Mine are marmalade jars which are longer and narrower than many jars and look lovely filled with foliage, but you can use any glass jars that you have. I’ve left the labels on mine as I think they are attractive but if you prefer clear glass, then the labels can be soaked off.

Fill the jars with water and tie a piece of raffia around the neck of the jar, finishing with a bow. You may prefer to use narrow ribbon to match or contrast with the arrangements or your room. You could also use five jars if you want a bigger display. An uneven number of jars looks better.

Step two:

Divide the flowers and foliage evenly into three bunches so that you have flowers, berries and foliage in each bunch.

Step three:

From one of your bunches begin with some foliage in one hand and using flowers, berries and foliage alternately, gradually work around the bunch in one direction, until all your material is used up.

Tie the bunch with some raffia or twine. Cut the stems so that they are even and place in the jam jar. Ensure that none of the foliage is below the water line as this will make the water rank.

Step four:

When all the bunches have been made and your jars are filled, place them along a fireplace or windowsill.

Give it a go! Jam jar displays are are a cheap and quick way to add a bit of shabby chic style to your room.

Remember to visit again next week when we’ll show you how to create an explosion of floral fireworks to help your bonfire night celebrations go off with a bang!

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