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How to… put some fizz bang into your flowers!

October 29, 2012

No sooner have we bobbed for the last apple on Halloween when Fireworks Night will go off with a bang!

Display of flowers for fireworks night

To make sure your home is as beautiful as the night sky on the 5th November this, try your hand at this week’s Do It Yourself centrepiece: How to put some fizz bang into your flowers.

And if you’re too busy setting off sparklers to make your explosion of flowers, just contact us and we’ll do all the hard work for you.

You’ll need:

  • Three dried teasels (you can find these along the river bank if you want to pick rather than buy).
  • One1 spray of red berries
  • A few sprays of gold ‘berries’ and some red sparkle ‘fern’ which I borrowed from the Christmas decorations
  • A spray of rosehips
  • Five orange Germini (small Gerberas which can be easily purchased from a supermarket)
  • Three  pink Germini
  • Two red Germini (you could use any brightly coloured daisy-type flowers or chrysanths)
  • One green Carnation


I used a jam jar, with a narrower top than bottom, to balance the weight of the arrangement, which I sotod inside a black shiny gift bag. I packed tissue paper around the jar to, again, help stability. If you have a black vase, the you can use that.

What you'll need for your Firework flowers

My aim was to use the flowers, teasels and berries to represent the myriad of colours of fireworks exploding in the night sky. So, firstly I added the gold berries to the left of the vase, the sparkly fern and red berries to the right and the spray of yellow mini chrysanths down the middle.

I then placed the three teasels to the left, right and centre of the vase to represent rockets shooting into the sky. Make sure you cut the teasels to different lengths before placing them. In fact, all your flowers need to be at different lengths for the arrangement, Never be worried about cutting stems of flowers down to suit your vase.

Place your flowers to resemble rockets shooting into the sky

Now put in the germini in groups of colour. I put the orange to the left, the pink more to the middle and the red to the left, at all different lengths. These represent the the colours from Roman Candles etc.

Finish with the green carnation and spray of rosehips in the centre. You then nhave an effect of all the colours high in the sky and gradually falling to earth.

Place your arrangement against a dark wall or a mirror for full effect.

You’ve done it! A firework flower finale fit for the 5th November.

If you tried our pumpkin tale centrepiece two weeks, please give us a sneaky peek – we’re just DYING to see them!

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